Investment and Retirement Plans

It takes an individually tailored financial strategy to make your goals a reality. We can help in planning to buy your first home, saving for your children’s education, maximizing your retirement income and protecting your wealth. Find out how a customized strategy can help you.

Insurance Protection for Families and Business Owners

Life and health insurance is an important part of any successful financial plan. But with so many options available to Canadians, it can be difficult to find the right plans for you and your family. Our advisors can help you determine the proper amount and type of coverage for your needs. As brokers, they will find the best value from the top insurers available.

Estate Planning

We work with many business owners and professionals with complex needs. Potential financial risks or tax planning strategies that can help them save money are often overlooked. Estate transfer costs can also be minimized.

  • The costs in settling a large estate can be staggering.
  • Over 50% of your retirement savings are taxable.
  • If you have a holding or operating company, 45% of the assets are taxable.
  • And 26% of your capital gains from your business, real estate and investments are taxed.
  • There’s also Provincial probate fees, along with legal and accounting fees. Not to mention the like of privacy when an estate is probated.

With proper planning now, those taxes can be significantly reduced or eliminated in the future.